COVID-19: Where We Are and Where We Are Heading - 2020

COVID-19: Where We Are and Where We Are Heading - 2020

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June 3, 2020

The most important issue on the minds of managing partners and HR professionals is when and how we reopen our law offices. We have rapidly learned how to operate remotely, but business has to reopen.

This webinar will focus on actions that business leaders can take to protect worker health and mitigate disruption to their business as they begin reopening and/or returning to normal business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our esteemed panel will discuss factors (e.g. policies, epidemiological indicators, and preparedness measures) that can help guide employers through different phases of their pandemic response from closure/“essential” work only to a full return to normal business operations. Additionally, surveillance, screening, and testing approaches that employers can implement, within the context for local and state guidelines, will be presented. Currently available reopening frameworks and guidelines that may serve as a valuable resource to employers as they attempt to develop facility-specific reopening plans will be discussed in detail.

Lastly, the panelists will cover various risk mitigation approaches for employers to consider such as respiratory hygiene, physical distancing, engineering controls, and proper decontamination practices. Example risk mitigation scenarios will be provided throughout the presentation. This presentation will address questions such as:

What should be included in a robust return to normal business operations plan?
How do I determine if it is safe and appropriate for me to reopen or relax infection prevention controls?

  • How many stages/phases should my plan incorporate?
  • Is it necessary for me to design a plan for each facility in my business?
  • How is my plan impacted or changed if a vaccine isn't developed soon?
  • What are simple risk mitigation measures that can be implemented?
  • What are examples of unique risk mitigation approaches?

[This program relates to several areas to the practice of law, including a myriad of practices such as employment, insurance, torts, transportation, and business, as the law firms, businesses, courtrooms, etc. begin the phase of reopening and resuming as many functions as can be conducted remotely and in compliance with the public health directives.]

Corey Boles PhD, Health Scientist II, Cardno ChemRisk
Natalie Suder Egnot, DrPH, Senior Health Scientist, Cardno ChemRisk

Moderated by:
Edward P. Tugade, Esq., Demler, Armstrong, & Rowland LLP, Partner
Yakov P. Weigmann, Esq., Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP, Partner

Produced by:
Renée Welze Livingston, Esq., Livingston Law Firm, Partner and President of the Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada (ADCNCN); ADCNCN’s Toxic Torts Committee

Qualifies for MCLE Self Study - 1.0 Hours of General Credit